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Using the Law of Attraction to Implement Positive Core Beliefs

Next to “The Symbol” by Dan Brown , one of the best-selling books in recent time has been “ The Secret ” by Rhonda Byrne .  There are about six million books in print.  If the Oprah Book Club is any barometer, it is one of the hottest books recently published and has drawn intense interest in many quarters.

In the book, much is said about “The Law of Attraction.”  The Law has been around since ancient times and really is no secret.   As the biblical writer Qoheleth, the writer of the book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament, said long ago, “There is nothing new under the sun (Eccl.1:9).”   However, Rhonda Byrne revealed it as “The Secret”, effectively repackaging and re-selling an existing concept. 

The Law of Attraction
Said simply, the Law of Attraction states, “One asks, then believes, then receives.”   It encourages one to dream big, to set ambitious goals, and truly believe that you will achieve and receive endless possibilities.   The Law applies to every facet of one’s life; in relationships, as well as all professional, financial, or personal goals.

The Law of Attraction maintains that every individual on the planet has the capability to emit positive energy.  This positive energy will attract an abundance of what you embrace in the way of the business and personal goals in your life.   All you have to do to initiate that process is to believe the premise that the Law states.  “Ask, Believe, And Receive.”  It’s that simple, provided you are emitting positive energy.   

Therein is the one caveat.  Once you are emitting that positive energy, then you’ll fall in love, make more money, get that dream job, write that best-selling novel, or whatever else you believe are your professional and personal goals.

Core Beliefs
But, what about that poor fellow who seems to have chronic bad luck; who somehow mucks up everything in his or her life?   After all, some people just never seem to catch a break.  The Law of Attraction implies, first of all, that this type of person is simply sending out negative energy.   And secondly, deep down this person actually believes that they will end up with the short end of the stick because of their continual string of bad fortune.  They believe it’s their destiny, or it’s their karma, or maybe the bad vibes they’ve been sending out.

Have you ever thought about what your goals are or what it is you believe at the deepest core of your being?   If not, it is strongly suggested you sit down sometime with pen and paper and write them out.  On one sheet of paper, head that sheet, WHAT ARE MY PERSONAL AND PROFESSIONAL GOALS?   On another sheet of paper, head that sheet, WHO AND WHAT DO I BELIEVE IN?

Then just start writing.  You will find this an interesting exercise.

Is the Law of Attraction a Valid Belief?
As far as believing that there actually is something called “The Law of Attraction," it makes sense to follow a middle path.  At the same time, there certainly is something to be said for maintaining a positive attitude and believing in yourself and your capabilities.

In conclusion, consider a final question.   Do you believe that all good or bad fortune that comes your way in life is somehow governed by Providence?  Or do you believe that you can effect change in your life through your thoughts and attitude?  The Law of Attraction may or may not fit into your way of thinking, depending upon your answer.


The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Bible

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